Monday, March 21, 2011

Party Time: Devils Head: Part 2

We have a good edit coming soon, keep a close eye cause theres lots of shred, beer drinkin, and games.

When "life" can't wait, you don't use any of this stuff...

Looks like someone knows whats up!

"The Dark Collection" Jake slept on the floor.

Wait, maybe he got the cot bed...

Pretty important stuff, Cody and Dandan clean up.

Up and Atom, time to shred!

Viktor, Dandan, Joe, Cody, Jake, Riley

Jonas and Ben came, there is a reason why Ben has black lipstick on. You will have to wait and watch the edit to see!

Riley is more chilling than your worst nightmare, Jake is more steezy than you can imagine.

Break time: Riley loves his Star Wars.

Joe was signing stuff all weekend.

Night crept up on us quick. Dandan and Jonas.

Your dreamy Jake OE.

The moon was the biggest its been in 19 years, it put us in the mood to spook. My camera did absolutely no justice.

Raffle for Joe's bassholes, homie was stoked.

Big thanks and much love to our good friend and awesome rep. Stepchild's Scott Ladwig for taking care of us!

Classic Dandan photo

Pretty typical situation for this guy.

Faithful fans get hooked up! STAY SPOOKY FIENDS!