Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Things of Interest

There are few real snowboard companies left out there. I'm not going to get into details, except that you should all be supporting a SNOWBOARD COMPANY. Yeah, anyways, Stepchild has probably the coolest catalog for 2011-12 gear. Its called BLUNTer, incase you haven't heard of it. The first half of the magazine is the new 2011-12 Catalog, flip it over and its cool interviews, pictures, oh and theres no Axe body spray or Fast and Furious 5 ads, so thats nice too.

Get it!

JP has a description of his month by month gig

It has all 12 months. Here is Junes.


Big interview you can only see in this mag.

Well, is it?

Like a... 6 flat 4... Pretty insane though.

Joe's new slide


New dirt rippin'