Saturday, February 12, 2011

Party Time: Excellent

Games to get you drunk.

Ya, I probably deserved it.

Zacs rib was sticking out, and he has two blown out knees, but he still smiles.

Classic Dandan photo.

Thats Megan, it was her birthday. Is that Jon Stark in the red hat?

"The Dark Collection" Jordan looking confused.

Dick Tuck

More from "the dark collection"
 If you know who Steve Wikner is, this is him at like 13 or something, looks like a little shit, trouble maker, damn punk.

Joe Mertes drinks weird stuff at partys.

Justin is ready for the photo, Dandan, are you?

Sorry Sara. "whhaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

Mike Mullen holdin it down like yuuuuukkkk

Mullen knows whats up.