Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Premiere Photos

This round comes from Morgan's camera

Here is a better photo of Morgan and Jenna as Zombie cowboys and indians

Cody and Kelsey as Beetlejuice and Lydia

Matt Melo as a bottle of 1817 beer.

You may think Ricky came without a costume, but he actually came as a really drunk guy.

These colonial guys would have won prizes if they would have just come on stage.

Peter was a pilot, or a helicopter surgeon, or something.

I was backing the gorilla guy.

this is what happens when you sneak up on Jake.

I'm calling you out on this one Dane. that is Dane Byron. we didn't even know there was a dick in a box costume, especially that good of a dick in a box costume. If you would have come on stage you would have won a snowboard.

Thanks again to everyone who came to the premiere and everyone who's been enjoying the video. We really appreciate it and are glad to know that people support what we're doing. The weather is getting cool and the snow is near. get ready for another season of Monday Minute's and hopefully a productive winter. Stay Spooky!