Sunday, October 31, 2010

House of 1817: The Movie Premiere photos round 1

With all the people taking photos i'm sure we will have more than 1 photo post but first comes from our good friend and all around amazing photographer Ryan Taylor

The first site as you walked in the door. the goodies table where people in costume were given free DVD copies of the movie and everyone got candy and party favors, and of course 1817 team manager Luci Fur was watching over the crowd.

Another site when you first walk in was Victor Simco with the most disturbing costume of the night, "naughty Mrs. Claus" you're lucky you can't see what's under that robe.

Cal Surf art guy Garret Perry was a very impressive nerd.

A few 80's skiers and a lion? i think.

The men of the hour. Sam Fenton, Cody Beiersdorf and Cody's main squeeze Kelsey out front. Beetlejuice and Lydia spot on costumes.

Justin Fronius ended up winning 4th place with his waiter costume. a large portion of him winning is that he never broke character all night.

Bobby Elmergreen and Jordan Michilot coming through with some hot costumes as Hunter S. Thompson and Rufio.

Brandon Larson as Bob Dylan.

Dan Mueller with one of the best costumes of the night as Jesus.

Jonas got back from a 5 week trip to south america with Jarad Hadi the night before the premiere and made it just in time to come through with one of the better and definitely most controversial costume of the night as Coolio.

Morgan Pease and his girl Jenna came as zombie cowboys and indians. Hopefully there is a photo of the two of them together somewhere but here he is. and what would a cowboy be without his flask of whiskey.

This ninja costume was so good we couldn't even get a good photo of him. he ended up getting a pretty sweet last minute prize too.

Hi-Def Jeff was in town shooting Joe's day in the life for 32 and he came with probably my favorite costume of the night, Fantastic Mr. Fox. Look for footage of the premiere in Joe's day in the life from 32 soon. Huge thanks to Jeff for helping out all night.

Then it came time to judge the costume contest. Let me just say ahead of time that there were a lot of AMAZING costumes there and we are truly grateful to everyone who came out in costume. We had a really hard time agreeing on costumes and judging. It was based on originality, time spent, and execution. we picked about 10 finalists and had the crowd cheer for their favorite to determine top 5. And to all the people who were in costume that didn't come on stage you should have because there were some amazing costumes that didn't come up!

We couldn't fit everyone onstage at once but here is a portion of all the people who came in costume.

Dandan, Hodge, and myself discussing costumes.

Fronius hyping the crowd up on this little guy who came as an evil zombie gorilla. we didn't have any gear that fit him but made sure he got lots of goodies and he definitely got the biggest applause.

The crowd cheered, picked their favorites and the homemade beer vending machine costume took home second place. Here is Joe giving him his pro model board. Huge thanks to Stepchild for hooking it up.

first place got the Signal snowboards House of 1817 board. Huge thanks to Signal for hooking it up.

The tension was high but the crowd spoke and First place went to this young lady with just about the most spot on oompa loompa costume i had ever seen. Here is Jake with the winner.

The Movie was then played. after the credits rolled people in costume left with DVD's, everyone left with candy, and the crowd emptied into the street.

and of course what would a Halloween party be without a drunk guy smashing a pumpkin.

A thousand times thank you to everyone who came out, everyone who helped out in any way, and anyone who supports what we do. More photos and even videos of the premiere soon. And of course, for all of you not fortunate enough to come to the premiere the movie will be online today or tomorrow. until then, Stay Spooky.