Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Creepin' on Joe Sexton

(John) Marital Status?
(Joe) Single

(John) Why don't you have a Facebook? Do you have a fan page?
(Joe) Because I like my privacy, and yes I do have a fan page. I don't know who it is, it's kinda weird, they like answer questions like it's me.

(John) Sponsors?
(Joe) Stepchild, 32, Etnies, Union, Von Zipper, Nixon, Cal Surf, House of 1817, Bear Mountain, Magical go-go

(John) What team does your brother play hockey for? When does the next season start?
(Joe) Anihiem Ducks, pre season starts today, first game is October 4, let me make sure so I dont look like a saddle breath.... Ooohhhhhhh, they played already and they lost, damnit!

(John) What shoe do you skate? Why?
(Joe) Etnies Jameson 2, low, thin, flex, basic.

(John) What was the biggest bass you caught this summer?
(Joe) 6 pounds

(John) Who had your favorite part in Cheers? What about Stay Gold? Why?
(Joe) Jp Walker, his last shot is amazing! In Emerica, Reynolds, most inspiring dude ever.

(John) Do you know what you are going to be for halloween this year?
(Joe) Complete random shit, like clown shoes, with a crazy wig, cowboy gear, face paint, all just random as hell.

(John) Do you have any ideas of who your filming with next year?
(Joe) Top secret

(John) Any advice to the kids who are trying to make it as a professional snowboarder out there?
(Joe) Have fun, keep your head up, take risks.