Monday, September 27, 2010

Creepin' on Davis Torgerson

(John) Sponsors?
(Davis) Real, Spitfire, Thunder, Etnies, Bones swiss, Cal Surf, and the wonderful guys at fourstar give me some threads.

(John) Hows the summer been going? Traveling a lot?
(Davis) Summer's been awesome! I think I've only been home about 20% of summer so I've been out and about a lot. Currently stuck in the Amsterdam airport actually... Other than that I turned 21 in august so that was pretty damn tight!

(John) Who have you been filming for lately?
(Davis) I've been filming for the Real video!! Which should premiere in January. Other than that been trying to get as many things for the local MN video Flow Trash, and trying to film some thing on that silly Berrics site...

(John) What shoe you skate? Deck?
(Davis) I've been wearing the Taylor LS and Malto LS etnies shoes. And any 8.06 Real deck.

(John) That window ad of you at Cal is pretty rad, I heard they tried to surprise you with it. How did that go?
(Davis Dude that shit is wild... Dooner just told me there was something for me at Cal, so I just figured it was a package or something. I guess I realized it wasn't a package as I was walking into the store...