Friday, September 24, 2010

clear your schedules

next weekend is gonna be a busy one. starting on Thursday with the Bald-E-Gal premier of Poachers 10 at SCSU from 8-10 with what promises to be a great afterparty. check out the Youth Shelter's website for more info.

Then on Saturday there is the premier of Cheers at Sauce on the corner of Lake St. and Lyndale ave. in uptown hosted by Cal Surf. contact Cal for more info and there should be a flyer soon.

And rounding out the weekend is the official start to preseason festivities. Sunday is the annual Fall Festival at Trollhaugen presented by the FL Project. check the flyer or contact FL Project for details.

The season is coming up quick and the preseason events are upon us. Hope to see a bunch of you out next weekend. Stay Spooky.