Thursday, July 22, 2010

Welcome To My Haunted Mansion: Part 3

Andy Conrad when he's not shattering kids' dreams in a game of SKATE
Clayton Finch is the shit in that OG shirt! Remember his cameo in Jake OE's part? The pole jam shot at the end!!
Dr. Pete Harvieux just hangin' loose on a Saturday night
Al used to live at 1817 'til he started shmoozin the landlady
Frauly's cool!
Vanessa doing girly things in a cute sun skirt. What a smile.
Jake Moore. A real mellow chap.
A Wounded Boots
Casper the DJ was bompin' hits all night
Whaddya Need Whaddya Need Whaddu We Got
It's ALiiiVE It's ALiiiiiiiiiVE
1817 Reaper
Coffin Board
1817 in the graveyard

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