Sunday, July 18, 2010

Welcome To My Haunted Mansion: Part 2

The real Hodge, John's Dad, made an appearance. Very cool and supportive.

Zac Marben and his girl Becca made it!

The brains behind the 1817 movie, Riley Erickson. Sorry girls, he's taken.

Justin Hovde does not smoke zee ganja.

Jack Thonvold signing his life away in the 1817 guestbook. At least 135 showed throughout the night. One of the best turnouts Cal Surf has ever seen!

Gon' catch me booze croozin with this bad bitch, already called it!

Take this one over Hodge's dead body. Not for sale.

Stairway to 1817.

More photos and a party video coming soon!

Posted by: Siktor Vimco