Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Change of Date/Official Date of Haunted House of 1817

Here is the official date and time of the Haunted House of 1817. It will be a groovy spooky time, make sure you come and get some free stuff, there's stuff for everyone! Shirts will be on sale for $20 along with $2 die-cut stickers. Buy a shirt and get a free sticker! There is going to be a raffle for a free shirt and 3 die-cut stickers too! So make sure your there when the doors open! The entire House of 1817 crew will be there, so make sure you swing by and get a spook!

What: Art show and Haunted House of 1817
Where: Cal Surf
When: Saturday, July 17th 6pm
Dress up/Costume optional!