Sunday, May 30, 2010

Party Time: BOMP!

Jonas had an art show at Cliche.

Ummm... This is the wrong way to lock your hip Surly bike up. 

DJ in the house.

Huey and the fans.

The married life.

Sam Fenton. He is about to film a lot of snowboarding in Montana.

Well who would wear socks when boating?

Jamie Thomas dealing with business.

Scott Oreschnick is the owner of Cal Surf. Don't forget to ask him your questions at

DanDan, white on white on white.

Classic DanDan photo.

Joe & DanDan

Look familiar? Jonas' art work. See Jonas working on it in this Monday Minute

Bad picture of Justin Hovde; see what Justin is down with.

Will Bateman, throw it up.

The Michilots.

After the art show a few of us went on to start the real party.

Warming up, and more drink.


... showing off

Good thing he was all wormed up by the time we got to the party.

Sparx in hand.

Its just that some people aren't old enough to party serious!

He was dribbling Sparx on her head, she liked it though.

Yeah, she was down.

Joe found his match.

She was down for the sweaty sexton.

Double Down.

Jonas eyeing his prey.

Huey Determination.

Turning and Burning.