Sunday, April 18, 2010

Party Time: The Wedding/Monday Minute #31

Founding Fathers

Austin Young

Mirror check


Shwalbee and Matt last minute hair fix.

The Groom.

Jake dippin'

Mike Thienes from Bald E-Gal and his lady.

Oh yeah.... The "professional photographer" She was jealous of my cam for sure.

Jake and Riley

This is where the ceremony went down, it was beautiful.

Here is the bride, Kris.

Joe and Dandan.

Flasks ready.

i think Dandan might want this for his facebook page, so i'll put it up here.

Jake, Paul and Riley.

Cody, Shwalbee, Morgan, Dandan

Over the Hedge

Classic Dandan photo.

Cody wins best costume.

I don't know how to explain this... Give it your best shot.

I'll end the photos with the heart warmer.