Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Interview: Gantry Hill

(John) When did you start skating? How did you start? What kinda stuff did you shred on back then? 

(Gantry) I started skating about 10 years ago. My friend had this World Industries board with Thunder trucks. The moment I stepped on that thing, I knew I had to start skating. My Mom bought me a single kick-tail Maui and Sons board from the mall. Not as legit as the World board but you gotta start somewhere! 

(John) What's up with Brothers Hill? 

(Gantry) We started designing a website a few months ago called thebrothershill.com. We've been super busy lately so it's kind of on hold for now. Hopefully we can get it out soon though.

(John) You filming for anything now? A lot of local kids here in Minnesota bring your name up, like, "Oh dude, wheres Gantry footy? He rips!" 

(Gantry) Yeah, I'm just finishing up my part for a video called "Feel Free". It's gonna have parts from Nate Broussard, Mark Gutterman, Mike Barker, Garrett Hill, and myself. It should be out sometime next month so LOOK FOR IT! Peep the website www.feelfreevideo.com.

(John) Hows your bro? Kids ever get you two mixed up? 

(Gantry) Garr's been good. Naw, I don't think they mix us up. I mean, Garrett's got long, flaming, red hair at the moment. He's rockin' the volcano doo!

Feel Free Digicam Montage from Feel Free Skateboarding on Vimeo.

(John) Who are your sponsors? 

(Gantry) Ashbury Eyewear, Active rideshop, E's shoes, and Select Wheels.
(John) If you had to ride for a drink company who would you choose?  

(Gantry) Vita-Coco. They make the best coconut water!

(John) How would "A Day with Gantry Hill" go?  

(Gantry) When I wake up, I like throw on some tunes for a bit. Usually James Brown, something that gets the funk runnin' through my veins. Then I'll go meet up with my friend Aleks and my bro Garr at Starbucks. After the sugar fix, we head out and skate all day, dodging menacing cops, crazy Raiders fans, and skatestoppers. When I get home I usually play some guitar and then watch an NBA game that I dvdr'd.

(John) What was the last song you listened to?  

(Gantry) T-Pain- "Buy You A Drank"...gotta love it!

(John) If you didn't skate what would you be doing?  

(Gantry) I'd probably be doing something with music. Music's such a big influence on me...on everyone right?! There's nothing like having that buttery song in your head while you're skating.

(John) Who learned the 360 flip first? You or Garrett?  

(Gantry) I gotta claim that one. Growing up, Garr had the kickflip and I had the heelflip. But yeah, I had the tre daddy pretty early.

(John) When your warming up, what's the first trick you do?  

(Gantry) Pop Shuv-It.

(John) Best food in Cali?  

(Gantry) Pagoda Inn, a Chinese Restaurant near my house. There's bonsai trees everywhere and amazing food.

(John) Ever skated Minnesota?  

(Gantry) Nope but I'd like to. Fly me out!  

(John) Any last words?  

(Gantry) Look out for FEEL FREE, baby!