Monday, March 15, 2010

Tuesday Tuneday #17

"Dude! This song has been used already! What the hell!?" Yes, we've all said it, well maybe not all of us, but I'm sure quite a few. Over the past years around this time all I hear is, "has it been used before?" Which is usually followed by, "ummmmm, I think it was in like an old skate video..." Well, my feeling is toward the whole "You can't use this song if its been used before," is that if the song has the footage to back it, go ahead and use it, unless the part is really popular, and it is an obviously known part. If the person has a couple hundred hits on youtube and the part sucks anyways, go right ahead. Nothing is really that original these days anyways, however, there is a butt load of music out there, so let the people who make big skate and snow movies do whatever they want. They are going to make the song look a lot better in Darrell Mathes part over John Does part in youtube. Basically, don't use songs from parts like the following....

You should be getting the general idea. In the end, it is YOUR option and opinion to use any song you want, go right ahead, but people might say some things. OH! I almost forgot, there is a couple sites you can see all the songs used in skate videos!!! Well, most of them. Skateboard Music, and Skate Video Site. Now getchyer edit on nerds!